Introducing the EIP Briefing Session

EIP now comprises 42 pledge signers and 17 Advisory Council members, and inquiries are coming in every day. That prompted us to develop a regular way to update interested parties on our activities and why they should join our movement – a way that went beyond the larger convenings we have been organizing in partnership collaboration with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

So last week, we held our inaugural Briefing Session, where 21 infrastructure owners, builders and improvers from the public and private sectors convened to hear from our Co-Founders, Phil Washington and John Porcari, and Advisory Council Chair Diana Mendes about EIP’s path from inception to the present day and how to get involved.

It was a spirited discussion where people shared challenges, potential opportunities and dug in deep regarding data tracking and other nitty gritty issues that are required to ensure accountability and demonstrate success.

We plan to have these monthly – as you encounter people who should be a part of our network, please connect them with us and invite them to participate in the next Briefing Session!

Engagement in the Infrastructure World
APTA is a key partner of EIP's and we are proud that the organization's President & CEO, Paul Skoutelas, serves on our Advisory Council. On Tuesday, as part of APTA's Kaleidoscope series of webinars focused on elevating equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging in public transit, EIP Pledge signer (and APTA Chair and CTA President) Dorval Carter, Jr. and Phil Washington joined APTA Vice-Chair Adelee Le Grand for a discussion on being black in the transit industry, the progress that has been made on racial equity, and our speakers' hopes for the future. You can follow the Kaleidoscope series 

And last week, John Porcari, Diana Mendes, Dorval Carter and SEPTA CEO and EIP Pledge signer Leslie S. Richards participated in a discussion at APTA's 2023 Legislative Conference about how to leverage this historic moment in infrastructure investment to increase equity and do so in a lasting way.

How to Achieve Equity
The Center for American Progress recently issued a new report: 
How To Support Good Jobs and Workforce Equity on Federal Infrastructure Projects, that correctly points out that "While meaningful labor and workforce standards are included in the legislation, much of the promise of good jobs, as well as equitable access to them, lies in policy choices around how funds are disbursed." The report also offers suggestions for federal agencies to make those policy choices.

Spread the Word 
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Together, we can make sure that our nation’s investments in infrastructure are focused both on projects and on the American people.