Transitioning from Symbolic to Systemic Change from Secretary Toks Omishakin

Merriam Webster defines Opportunity as “…a favorable juncture of circumstances.” The concept is simple: Those of us in positions to help provide opportunities to those who need it most have a responsibility to do so. If not us, who?

It never gets old experiencing the reactions and remarks evoked from people at the Equity in Infrastructure Project (EIP) Pledge signing ceremonies. In fact, these ceremonies just seem to get more poignant with each subsequent stroke of the pen.

Delaware Joins Equity in Infrastructure Project

Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski joined Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy Carlos Monje and Department of Transportation officials from four other states this week to sign the Equity in Infrastructure Project (EIP) pledge.

The Equity in Infrastructure Project was created to improve public contracting practices by creating more opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) to build generational wealth and reduce the racial wealth gap by creating more prime, joint venture and equity contracting opportunities for these firms.

Pledge signers will work t